Reception Phonics Session

Reception Phonics Session

Thank you to the parents who attended the reception phonics meeting on Tuesday, I hope it was helpful. This Friday children will come home with their Oxford Owl login details and their green Set 1 Speed Sounds Book.

There is a lot of information on the Ruth Miskin website and Oxford Owl, which you might find useful, follow the links below:

Parents and Carers – Ruth Miskin Literacy

Parent guide to Read Write Inc. Phonics – Oxford Owl

If you were unable to attend the meeting or would like further information about how we teach phonics at St Alban’s please see Miss Green or Mrs Duncan

PE in Reception

PE in Reception

Last week we went into the gym with Mr Marshall for an explore. We had lots of fun playing games and going on the climbing bars and the ropes!

This week, we got changed into our PE kits and Mr Marshall taught us a new game called, ‘bumper cars.’ We had to seat belt ourselves in and follow Mr Marshall’s instructions to move around the gym. The most important instruction was to stop in our own space. We have been asking to go back into the gym but have to wait until it is our turn on a Wednesday!

Learning through play

Learning through play

We have been spending time in our continuous provision, learning through play.

Creating in the stick and make area. “I’ve made a wave. The string makes it move.”

“I’m making the baby’s breakfast. She’s having porridge.”

Playing with the farm.

“I’m trying to get my baby to sleep.”

Making MineCraft models using the Lego.

“I’ve made some binoculars by rolling up two bits of paper and sticking them together. “

Enjoying painting using different strokes

Writing about animals and our favourite fruit and vegetables.

“Look at my train track Miss Green. This is the station where the trains stop.”

Taking people on trips to the castle.

“I’m writing about Newcastle United. They play at St. James’ Park. I’m going to write the players names down. Bruno, Callum Wilson, Dan Burn, Pope.”

Looking after the baby.

“I’m drawing a car and Mario from Mario Kart.”

Making pipe cleaner people with our Year 4 friends for our art work for an exhibition at the Discovery Museum.

“This is my picture about God. It’s got flowers and birds and animals on.”

Our Transport Topic

Our Transport Topic

This week we have started our new topic learning about journeys and transport.

We built car ramps to see which ones were fastest and would make the car go furthest.

I have used the drainpipe as a ramp.

This is our road we made.

We have been exploring the water tray, looking at boats and putting different creatures in.

We played with the car maps and used different vehicles.

We built a bus using the chairs and sang wheels on the bus.

We decided to go on a journey to the beach. We talked about how we got there, and gout our beach clothes on ready!

This is us having fun at the beach!