We have started our work all about growing. We have been reading ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle and done lots of activities about growing.

We looked at our baby photos and talked about how we have changed from being a baby. We said that we now had hair, could walk and talk and didn’t just drink milk. We enjoyed playing, guess the baby, and even got some of them right!

We went into our outdoor space and explored the planters to see what we could find. There were lots of different plants to find, we even managed to pull up some vegetables which last year’s Year 1 class had planted. Some of us were eager to try the vegetables. We also wanted to do some planting of our own.

We had lots of fun planting our seeds. We used compost and a trowel to put in our bottles. Then we made a hole and pushed our seed in. Next we had to water them and now they are on our windowsill. Hopefully they will grow. We will be bringing our seeds home over so we can look after them over the Easter holidays.

We have been playing in our outside area. We set up a florist and took orders on the phone. We made a perfume shop, where we mixed the petals into lovely smelling perfumes. We also had a potting station, to plant more seeds.

We have even been making some creative Spring pictures using different types of mediums. Come and see our giant flower collage on our classroom window!