Childhood Nasal Flu Vaccination Programme

Childhood Nasal Flu Vaccination Programme

All children in England in school years Reception to Year 6 are eligible for the seasonal flu vaccination.

The School Based Immunisation Team are keen to handle administration of the immunisations in a sensitive manner. They will say hello and meet the children in the classroom prior to applying PPE so that children can see their transition, they will then carry out the nasal immunisation in the classroom your child is taught in. They are currently required to wear mask and visor, and cleanse hands between children. Below is a link provided by the Immunisation Team which you may find useful:

Our school immunisation date will be 11/11/2020 – There will only be one opportunity for your child to be vaccinated in school.

Below you will find a letter and information leaflet from the Immunisation Team with information regarding the ‘Childhood Nasal Flu Vaccination Programme’. Below you will also find the flu immunisation consent form, could we ask that you please return this form to school? Forms should be returned to school by Friday 23rd October.

Flu consent form

Flu Letter for parents/carers – From Immunisation Team

Flu immunisation information leaflet – From Immunisation Team

The Immunisation Team have worked with organisations to create a completely free to use game for young children to help them learn about hand washing. It has been endorsed by Infection Prevention Society (UK). To access the game, please see the link below:

Hand washing game:

Should you require any further information or an additional consent form printed, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office on 0191 2625552.

Year 6 – Yoga Project

Year 6 – Yoga Project

Some of our Year 6 children finished off their yoga project by sharing their ideas and developing their own flow of poses to share.

The children said they have really found yoga time peaceful, relaxing and fun since returning to school.

A Message to Parents/Carers

A Message to Parents/Carers

Good morning, St Alban’s Parents/Carers, we posted a similar message very early on into the lock down period, however feel parents may need reminded of some points.

St Alban’s Parents/Carers (otherwise known as newly qualified teachers),

You’re now 14 weeks into your new teaching career, and we just wanted to say you’re all doing a great job!

We have all been working in schools for many years so we fully appreciate how stressful it can be to try and keep little people on task, especially if you have your own work to do at the same time.

Just take a step back and remember… You’re doing great!

Here are some little tips to help boost your morale in the coming weeks:

Create time for yourself – we escape to the staff room and have 5 minutes peace. You need to do the same from time to time and have some time just for you…if you can.

Don’t feel that you have to stick to a timetable, sometimes when the children are really engaged in something, it is best to let them continue with it. Even if it takes them longer than expected, that is absolutely fine. Children may not have completed a worksheet this week, but they have paddled in the sea, completed long bike rides, they have planted flowers, baked cakes and so much more. All of these are providing the children with new learning opportunities and life skills. You could be nurturing the next Jamie Oliver or Bradley Wiggins!

Keep a diary/journal and take photos. We are living through quite a surreal time. Get the children to keep an account of what they get up to – pictures, drawings, painting, write letters, post cards. This can then be shared with classmates when they return to school and even with future generations! We love to see what the children have been getting up to, and sharing this on social media with their friends.

It is a very strange world for everyone at the moment. It is fine that the children enjoy down time during the day, but equally parents/carers need that down time too. Keep in touch! Keep looking on our website and Facebook pages.

So once again, thank you for everything that you are doing to keep the education of your child going. Just remember all children are different – so what works for one child, may not work for another.

We are so looking forward to welcoming the children back, we’re missing them all greatly – whenever that may be and when we do, we will simply pick up from whichever point they are at and once again let them enjoy and excel in the presence of God.

Please do not worry. You really are doing a super job.

We hope that you’re all safe and well, and hope to see you all again soon.

Take care,

From all staff at St Alban’s.

Year 6 – Leavers hoodies

Year 6 – Leavers hoodies

A message for Year 6 parents/carers:

As we are using Emblematic as our school uniform supplier, we have commissioned them to design hoodies for each of the children as a gift from us all at St Alban’s. 

In order for children to get the correct size, you must log on to their website using the link below. To allow you to choose your own sizes, you have been issued a unique code which can only be used once, this should have been enclosed with a letter sent out over the weekend.

Orders must be placed by Monday 29th June.

Looking After Your Own and Your Family’s Oral Health: A Guide for Parents and Carers

Looking After Your Own and Your Family’s Oral Health: A Guide for Parents and Carers

The Public Health Team working in partnership with the Oral Health Promotion department for Newcastle Hospital’s Community Health, have produced some resources to support parents and carers to look after their own and their children’s dental health. To view the resources, please click here.

The above information guide provides information on how to look after oral health from baby – adulthood, how to access dental treatment currently and useful websites. It includes tooth brushing tips and facts that readers may be unaware of. A 4 minute film ‘Smile’ has been created, which provides the information in a visual way also. To view the video, please click here.