Reading with our Buddies

Reading with our Buddies

On this rainy afternoon, we came together with our buddies to share our favourite stories.

Some of us stayed in our own classroom.

Some of us went up to the Year 6 classroom. It was a lovely relaxing way to end our half term.

RE – Myself topic

RE – Myself topic

Fr Shaun came to see us and read us a story all about Jesus. We will miss him when he moves to his new parish in Berwick.

We talked about our names and matched them up to our pictures. We learnt that we have a first name and a family name.

We then choose one of our friends names and gave thanks to God for them.

We have been writing our own names.

We listened to a reading about feeling safe and snug. We made our babies feel safe and snug.

In our collective worship, we gathered around our special area and shared our hearts. We had wrote on these our names and drew a picture to show God loves us. We looked at our names and wondered about them. Then we put them into our prayer basket while we listened to, ‘I have called you by your name.’

To respond to our collective worship, we wrote and decorated our names and drew our faces to show how we feel when we hear them

Enjoying our learning in Reception

Enjoying our learning in Reception

Maths lessons are fun!

We have been building towers to see if we can make them taller than ourselves. We have been copying patterns using the peg boards. We have been using the stickle bricks to copy the picture.

In RE we have been learning about our names and said a prayer for our friends.

We listened to the Julia Donaldson story, ‘The Paper Dolls.’ We then made our own paper dolls and talked about our body parts and why we were choosing their clothes, what materials we liked, how many eyes we had, what colour hair we had.