Learning through our play

Learning through our play

Here are a few photos to show you what we have been learning in our classroom,

We reenacted our farm trip using a velcro map of the farm. We played a game with our friends and we found the babies to match their mammies.

Reception’s trip to the farm

Reception’s trip to the farm

We went to Hall Hill Farm and had lots of fun!

Look at us on the bus! We put our seat belts on and looked out of the windows.

When we first got there, we went to see the chicks and got to hold them and stroke them. We even gave them a name. Some of them were a little bit flappy!

We got to feed a lamb a bottle of milk. It was a little bit wriggly!

Then we got to hold the guinea pigs and rabbits. They were so soft!

We went into the polytunnel and got to feed the sheep and the goats. They licked the food from our hands. The sheep were very noisy!

Next we got to ‘milk’ a cow. We had to sit on the stool and pull and squeeze the cow’s udders.

We got to go on the tractor! It took us all around the rest of the farm and we saw highland cattle, sheep, llamas and ponies. It was rather windy!

We saw some chickens, the roosters were very loud! Across the other side was Henry the turkey. He was super angry and his face was red so we kept away from him!

We petted and fed some more sheep, some of them looked like teddy bears. The highland cattle were so big!

At the end of the day we got to go in the soft play! We had so much fun at Hall Hill Farm!



We have started our work all about growing. We have been reading ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle and done lots of activities about growing.

We looked at our baby photos and talked about how we have changed from being a baby. We said that we now had hair, could walk and talk and didn’t just drink milk. We enjoyed playing, guess the baby, and even got some of them right!

We went into our outdoor space and explored the planters to see what we could find. There were lots of different plants to find, we even managed to pull up some vegetables which last year’s Year 1 class had planted. Some of us were eager to try the vegetables. We also wanted to do some planting of our own.

We had lots of fun planting our seeds. We used compost and a trowel to put in our bottles. Then we made a hole and pushed our seed in. Next we had to water them and now they are on our windowsill. Hopefully they will grow. We will be bringing our seeds home over so we can look after them over the Easter holidays.

We have been playing in our outside area. We set up a florist and took orders on the phone. We made a perfume shop, where we mixed the petals into lovely smelling perfumes. We also had a potting station, to plant more seeds.

We have even been making some creative Spring pictures using different types of mediums. Come and see our giant flower collage on our classroom window!

World Book Day

World Book Day

We celebrated world book day by wearing different colours of the rainbow and celebrating diversity. We read lots of different stories and shared our favourites. We even got to take home a new book.

We shared lots of stories with our friends in our classroom. We also went to the hall and Miss Green sat in the special story chair and read Elmer and the rainbow, while we sat on the rainbow carpet.

We decorated a gift card which will be entered into a competition. On them, we drew our favourite characters from books.

After reading Elmer, we made our own using tissue paper and these will go on display in the library .

In the afternoon, we spent time with our buddies, we chose a book and they read them to us.

Finally, we went up to the library to have a look at all of the different genres of books. We choose one out of the ‘magic’ box. We looked at the covers, read some blurbs and picked one we liked the sound of. Miss Green then read it to us.

Cold Climates

Cold Climates

Over this half term, we have been learning all about cold climates.

We had lots of fun playing in and exploring the snow and ice. It was very cold just like the Arctic and Antarctic . e made snowballs and talked about where the snow had come from and how the ice had been made.

We pretended that we were going on an adventure to the Arctic. We packed our bag with warm clothes and set off to the North pole.

In our role play area, we acted out going to the Arctic, by packing our bag and building a tent.

In our painting area, we used blues and whites to create Arctic scenes. Miss Bone taught us all about tone, and how to make things lighter by adding white.

Using the world map, we sorted the animals into where they live in the world, hot and cold places.

In our outdoor space, we explored the ice. We talked about how we could get the animals out. We decided to use warm water, salty water and we warmed it up with our hands. Inside the ice, there were different animals, which we had to sort into Arctic and Antarctic.

We looked at the Northern Lights and painted them with ice. We learnt how to paint penguins and made Arctic scenes, by cutting out polar bears and mountains.

We have learnt lots this half term!

Meeting the Chicks

Meeting the Chicks

We got a visit from the chicks who are in Year 2. We were so excited to hold them and stroke them. We had to be really quiet and gentle with them.