Our topic this half term has been all about different celebrations. Here are some of the different celebrations we have been learning about.

We learnt all about the Hindi celebration of Diwali. We made rangoli patterns in the coloured rice, listened to and acted out the story of Rama and Sita and made diya lamps because Diwali is the festival of light.

Next we learnt about the Jewish celebration Hanukkah. We listened to the story about the 8 days that it take places over 8 days and we talked about what activities we do on each day of the week. We made a menorah, and then had donuts to celebrate the festival.

We have started our RE topic all about birthdays. It was Ellie the elephants birthday so we made cards, decorated cakes and the classroom and had a party for her to celebrate. We will begin to get ready for the next big celebration…Christmas!

Learning through play

Learning through play

Here is a little selection of our time in continuous provision.

Four our Baptism topic in RE, we made some baptismal candles with the signs and symbols of baptism on.

We have been building in the construction area, sometimes the towers got nearly as tall as we did! We made some train tracks too. The girls have been playing teachers and having phonics lessons with their friends. In the sand, Miss Clark set up a maths activity linked to our lessons on shape.

As part of our seasonal changes work, we went outside and explored what things had changed from summer to autumn. We explored the autumnal treasures in out tough spot and talked about where they had come from.

In maths, we have been investigating different ways of making the number 4!

Pumpkin Soup!

Pumpkin Soup!

Last week there were a few pumpkins left over from Halloween so we cut one open and explored what was inside. Then we made our own pumpkin soup!

We looked at the outside of the pumpkin and saw that it was a round sphere shape. We talked about the colour and the lines down it.

In our kitchen area we pretended to cut the pumpkin open, so Miss Green got a very sharp knife and cut it open for us. Inside it was really stringy and there were lots of pumpkin seeds…which ended up all over the classroom! We talked about the shape of the seeds and used them to help us count. We also saw that the inside of the pumpkin was a lighter orange than the outside.

Miss Green then read us this story about three animals making their own pumpkin soup so we decided that we wanted to try it.

First we looked at, touched and smelt the ingredients. The onion had an awful smell! The pumpkin had been chopped really small and we added in some sweet potato to make it nice and thick. It was a darker shade of orange!

Next we added the ingredients into the soup maker.

We got to look at the soup being made. All of the pieces were blended together and the soup was piping hot!

Finally, we got to try our pumpkin soup! Caleb said that it tasted a little bit spicy. Jolene and Bonnie said that it was sweet. And Tedd and Polly loved it soooo much that they finished the bowl!

Reception Phonics Session

Reception Phonics Session

Thank you to the parents who attended the reception phonics meeting on Tuesday, I hope it was helpful. This Friday children will come home with their Oxford Owl login details and their green Set 1 Speed Sounds Book.

There is a lot of information on the Ruth Miskin website and Oxford Owl, which you might find useful, follow the links below:

Parents and Carers – Ruth Miskin Literacy

Parent guide to Read Write Inc. Phonics – Oxford Owl

If you were unable to attend the meeting or would like further information about how we teach phonics at St Alban’s please see Miss Green or Mrs Duncan

Remembrance in Reception

Remembrance in Reception

We spent some time talking about the poppies and why we remember the fallen soldiers.

We spent time with our Year 6 buddies and printed poppy fields using apples.

Some of us went up to the Year 6 classroom and we made poppy collages using different medias.

We also finger printed some poppies.

Our poppies are displayed in the main corridor and in the Reception classroom window. On Friday we also had a whole school collective worship, led by Year 5. We spent time reflecting and praying for those lost to and still fighting in wars.

Halloween in Reception

Halloween in Reception

We made witches brew by mixing a concoction of different ingredients together. We pulled creepy crawlies out of jelly and wrote what they were. We also made some witches hat which we took home to eat!