The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo

We have continued our Julia Donaldson topic by reading The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child. We have also celebrated Pancake day, Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day.

Stick Man

Stick Man

Nursery have started off their topic on Julia Donaldson by looking at the story of Stick Man

Here are some of the things we have been busy with;

· Went for a walk to collect sticks.

· Collaged a giant Stick Man.

· Played a Stick Man dice game.

· Make chocolate cake Stick Men treats.

· Painted with little sticks.

· Learnt different ways to join sticks to make our own Stick Men.

· Ordered Stick Men from biggest to smallest.

· Freed Stick Man from a block of ice, we tried lots of different ways to free him.

We have also made 5 new friends! Purple group have joined us in Nursery. They have settled in really well.

Advent Crafts

Advent Crafts

We invited our parents in to share in celebration of the word, where we listened to the first Gospel of Advent. We lit the first advent candle on our wreath and started our preparations for the birth of Jesus.

Our parents then stayed and we created some crafts together. We used lollipop sticks to make the stable, with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Then we made a snowman decoration for our tree. The scarf was made from ribbon which was the same size as we are! We enjoyed our star shortbread biscuits too!

Autumn in Nursery

Autumn in Nursery

Sorry we have been quiet on here for a few weeks! We have been so busy in Nursery. Here is a little look at all of the things we have been doing.

This week was fireworks week! We had lots of sparkly things in Nursery. We made chocolate sparklers, learnt about staying safe around bonfires, made firework pictures and used a special light to show us how well we clean our hands!

This week we started to look at all of the autumnal changes around us. We had lots of fun searching for leaves outside on the yard. We brought lots back into class with us. We tried to identify which tree each one came from, we painted with them, we sorted them, we made pictures with them! We had read the story of Leaf man together so even tried to make our own leaf men.

Hedgehog week! We have learnt all about hedgehogs, where they live, what they like to eat and how they hibernate in the winter. We made playdough hedgehogs, painted hedgehogs and even baked hedgehog bread!



Our rhyme this week was Incy Wincy Spider

Some of the things we have done this week:

· Helped strengthen our fingers, decorating pumpkins with golf tees.

· Used tweezers to search for the mini beasts stuck under the spiders web.

· Mixed up a cauldron of spells, this gave us lots to talk about!

· We had a Halloween party day, we made witches hats to eat and magical potions to drink.

· Read the story of Funny Bones and tried to make our own skeletons.

· Explored lots of pumpkins.

· Learnt about an artist called Yayoi Kusama, whose work includes decorating pumpkins with lots of spots!

· Talked about how we are welcomed into God’s family through Baptism. We set up a role play area so we could have a go at baptising the baby doll.