Mr M Smith
Head Teacher
Mrs C Allan
Assistant Head
Mrs M Duncan
Assistant Head
Miss C Wilson
Nursery Teacher
Mrs G MingStones
Nursery Teacher
Miss L Green
Reception Class Teacher
Miss S Smith
Year 3 Class Teacher
Miss N Cross
Year 1 Class Teacher
Mr D Moore
Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs J Gosling
Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs D Tate
SEN Support Teacher & SENCO
Mrs C Hill
Year 2 Class Teacher
Mrs R Laverick
Year 4 Class Teacher
Mrs. S Smith
Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs T Pidgeon
Learning Support
Mrs D Patrick
Learning Support
Mrs E Naylor
Learning Support
Mr G Marshall
PE Coach & Learning Support
Mrs R Brinskey
Learning Support
Mrs D Morgan
Learning Support
Ms M Bone
Learning Support
Ms L Drew
Learning support
Mrs M Lynn
Learning Support Apprentice
Ms K Visser
Mrs Y Singh

Mrs B Tierney
School Business Manager
Mrs. E Marley
Administrative Assistant

Ms. E Baker
Cook In Charge
Ms C Robinson
Kitchen Support
Mrs H Charlton
Lunchtime Support
Ms J Stewart
Lunchtime support

Susan Jenkins
Parent Support Advisor

If you would like to meet with Susan Jenkins our Parent Support Advisor she is available in school on Monday & Wednesday here in school however, if you need to contact her to make an appointment please contact the school office on  0191 2625552 or telephone 07970562509.