Mr M Smith
Head Teacher
Mrs C Allan
Assistant Head & Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs M Duncan
Assistant Head & Year 1 Class Teacher & SENCO
Miss C Wilson
Reception Class Teacher
Mrs G MingStones
Nursery & Reception Class Teacher
Ms G McDonnell
Nursery Class Teacher
Miss L Green
Year 2 Class Teacher
Miss S Smith
Year 3 Class Teacher
Miss N Cross
Year 4 Class Teacher
Mr D Moore
Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs J Gosling
Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs D Tate
SEN Support Teacher

Mrs T Pidgeon
Learning Support
Mrs D Patrick
Learning Support
Mrs L Forrest
Learning Support
Mrs E Naylor
Learning Support
Mrs A Mitford
Learning Support
Mr P Pennal
Learning Support
Miss R Johnson
Learning Support
Mr G Marshall
PE Coach & Learning Support
Miss A Martin
Learning Support
Mr C Morris
Learning Support
Mrs D Morgan
Learning Support
Mrs H Foster
Learning Support

Ms E Parker
Admin/Finance Manager
Miss A Hunter
Admin Support

Mr J Ryder
Facilities Supervisor
Mrs O Campbell
Cook In Charge
Mrs L Mills
Kitchen Support
Mrs T Penaluna
Kitchen Support
Mrs J Downey
Lunchtime Support
Mrs D Gourley
Lunchtime Support
Miss S Gardner
Lunchtime Support
Miss C Kirkland
Lunchtime Support
Mrs H Charlton
Lunchtime Support

Susan Yeldham
Parent Support Advisor

If you would like to meet with Susan Yeldham our Parent Support Advisor she is available in school on Monday & Wednesday here in school however, if you need to contact her to make an appointment please contact the school office on  0191 2625552 or telephone 07970562509. You can read more about our Parent Support Advisor here