50 Things

to do before you leave St Alban’s

The children, parents, governors and staff have all worked together to compile a list of 50 things they think the children should complete before they leave St Alban’s.

We received over 100 suggestions the final 50 are as follows: 

  1. Tie your shoe laces
  2. How to make an emergency phone call
  3. Learn first aid
  4. Ride a bike
  5. Learn the value of money
  6. Make a sandwich
  7. learn to swim
  8. Learn to sew (buttons)
  9. Learn to tell the time
  10. Grow some vegetables, fruit or flowers
  11. Visit a care home
  12. Dress yourself
  13. Pick up plastic (help the environment)
  14. Use a knife and fork
  15. Raise money for charity
  16. Send a letter
  17. Be road safe
  18. Visit a Cathedral
  19. Play a board game
  20. Learn to skip
  21. Change your own bed covers
  22. Take part in a treasure hunt
  23. Learn to knit
  24. Make a den
  25. Make a cup of tea
  26. Travel on a train
  27. Learn sign language
  28. Learn about Fire safety
  29. Fly a kite
  30. Play Charades
  31. Learn the value of health food (new foods)
  32. Read a map with a compass
  33. Pick fresh fruit
  34. Learn ALL your times tables
  35. Dance in the rain
  36. Go to the theatre
  37. Repair a puncture
  38. Build a sand castle
  39. Have a picnic
  40. Make bread
  41. Visit a museum
  42. Play a musical instrument
  43. Have a water fight
  44. Paddle in the sea up to your knees
  45. Send an email
  46. Read a bus/ metro timetable
  47. Learn a poem off by heart
  48. Play conkers
  49. Be in a newspaper
  50. Wear your pyjamas to school

We hope that these 50 things will help to enhance our children’s curriculum.