Over this half term, we have been learning all about cold climates.

We had lots of fun playing in and exploring the snow and ice. It was very cold just like the Arctic and Antarctic . e made snowballs and talked about where the snow had come from and how the ice had been made.

We pretended that we were going on an adventure to the Arctic. We packed our bag with warm clothes and set off to the North pole.

In our role play area, we acted out going to the Arctic, by packing our bag and building a tent.

In our painting area, we used blues and whites to create Arctic scenes. Miss Bone taught us all about tone, and how to make things lighter by adding white.

Using the world map, we sorted the animals into where they live in the world, hot and cold places.

In our outdoor space, we explored the ice. We talked about how we could get the animals out. We decided to use warm water, salty water and we warmed it up with our hands. Inside the ice, there were different animals, which we had to sort into Arctic and Antarctic.

We looked at the Northern Lights and painted them with ice. We learnt how to paint penguins and made Arctic scenes, by cutting out polar bears and mountains.

We have learnt lots this half term!