Last week there were a few pumpkins left over from Halloween so we cut one open and explored what was inside. Then we made our own pumpkin soup!

We looked at the outside of the pumpkin and saw that it was a round sphere shape. We talked about the colour and the lines down it.

In our kitchen area we pretended to cut the pumpkin open, so Miss Green got a very sharp knife and cut it open for us. Inside it was really stringy and there were lots of pumpkin seeds…which ended up all over the classroom! We talked about the shape of the seeds and used them to help us count. We also saw that the inside of the pumpkin was a lighter orange than the outside.

Miss Green then read us this story about three animals making their own pumpkin soup so we decided that we wanted to try it.

First we looked at, touched and smelt the ingredients. The onion had an awful smell! The pumpkin had been chopped really small and we added in some sweet potato to make it nice and thick. It was a darker shade of orange!

Next we added the ingredients into the soup maker.

We got to look at the soup being made. All of the pieces were blended together and the soup was piping hot!

Finally, we got to try our pumpkin soup! Caleb said that it tasted a little bit spicy. Jolene and Bonnie said that it was sweet. And Tedd and Polly loved it soooo much that they finished the bowl!