In the Catholic Church, October is the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary. We are keen for our children to take part in this important devotion and, as a school, we are taking part in the Rosary Challenge. In Key Stage Two, every class will be praying a decade of the Rosary each day, and learning about one of the Mysteries of the Rosary each time. This will be a wonderful way for our children to develop their experience of different forms of prayer and will be a time of peace and reflection in their busy school day.

In Early Years and Key Stage One, our children will be talking about Our Lady and working on knowing the three key prayers of the Rosary by heart: The Hail Mary, The Lord’s Prayer and The Glory Be.

Should you wish to share in our challenge or access the resources at home, the link below will take you to the Mark 10 Mission website, where you can access the resources that we will be using in school.

The Mark 10 Mission – The Rosary Challenge