Drop Everything And Read.

Starting at 9am, stop what you are doing and read for 5 minutes.

Can you do this every half an hour? How many times have you read in a day?

Word Walk

Go for a walk around your house, or on your daily walk, and see how many words you can spot.

Can you write them down? What are they for e.g. on jars, street names.

Cover Stars

Take a book and redesign the front cover. Remember to include the author and illustrator.


Design and create your own book mark.

Book Nooks

Take photos of you reading your book in different places in your house.

How many book nooks can you find or make?

Share a story

Choose your favourite book and share it with someone in your house. Read a bit and let them read to you too.

Author Study

Research the author of your favourite book. You could create a fact file or poster about them.

Design a book cover

Fantasy, adventure, mystery – which genre will your book cover be based around?

Character Selfie

Imagine and draw your favourite character in a selfie photo to create your own world book day character profile.

Book review

Can you write a book review on your favourite book? Why should someone else read this book? What was your favourite part?

Inventive Imagination

Visit the website below. Tell the story of how the girl ended up in the library.


Talk about libraries. Have you been? Why are they important?

Online events

Take part in some of the online events, you will find some on the links below: