Thank you to Parents/Carers for their commitment to home learning and their continued support with this matter. We understand children are using technology a lot within their remote learning and appreciate how challenging these current unprecedented times are becoming.

The well-being of our children, and parents/carers, will always be paramount and we thought some non-screen activities may support you in this area. Below are some non-screen activities you can do at home:

•Thank a community hero – Think of someone that helps you in some way in your local area and write them a short letter or design a card to thank them.

•Get building – Build a tower from blocks, lego, cards. Can you think of anything else?

•Start a nature diary – Look out of the window every day and keep a note of what you see. This could be birds, flowers or even changes in weather.

•Read a book – You could even create a story bag by collecting items that relate to the story, if you can’t find them you could write them down or draw them. You could create a bookmark to use when you’re reading.

•List making – Write a list of things you enjoy, list your favourite foods, your skills.

•Design and carry out your own PE lesson – This could be a Zumba class or you could create an obstacle course.

•Keep moving – Go for a walk or dance to your favourite song.

•Write your own play, you could then act it out with family members.

•Think of dates coming up – You could create a valentine’s card, who will you send yours too? You could design your own pancake recipe for Pancake Day.

•Design or play a board game.

•Write a recipe for happiness – What makes you happy?

•Imagine you need to make a cake for a special event. The cake needs to have 5 layers of different flavours – What will they be? How will you design the top?

•Create your own word search.

•If you had your own restaurant, what would it be? Would it have a theme? Design this and write about it, you could even model it.

•Grow your own – Save the seeds from something you eat and pant them to grow.

•Potion Power – Imagine you have the power to create a potion, what would you include and how would you make it?

•Get baking! You could even make your own recipe book of foods you bake.

•Tell some jokes. Can you make up some of your own?

•Make a paper aeroplane. Who can throw it the furthest?

•Quick draw – Set a timer, draw a quick doodle, and see if the other person can guess what it is before the time is up.

•Create a kindness jar – Every time someone does something kind, write it down and put it in the jar.

•Find out about an ancestor – What did they do for work, what kind of house did they live in?

•Make a time capsule. What will you include in yours?

•Make a den.

If you try any of the activities at home or have any additional ideas and would like to share them with us, please email them in and we will share them weekly on our school website. Staff will also be taking part in the non-screen activities and sharing them with you.