Information for parents

This is the Government’s list of Critical Workers, who are entitled to childcare in school. If after reading the guidelines – maintaining-educational-provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining-educational-provision )  you believe you qualify then please complete the enclosed form and email the school admin (address above) by 6 o’clock today to allow school to make arrangements.  We understand that your shift patterns may change regularly so please inform school of any changes, so that we can try to provide the correct staffing levels.

We will only have a limited number of Critical Worker places in school. Can I ask parents to please make use of their ‘Support Bubble’ before sending children into school.

If you choose to send your child into school, they will be put into a learning bubble. The children will carry out the same work as the children working at home. However children coming into school will not have access to Teams meetings with the rest of the children in their class.

I hope parents will try where possible to use their support bubbles as we already have a significant number of staff in self-isolation. It is important that we only offer this support to the parents that need it and that St Alban’s staff welfare is protected.

The enclosed contact details sheet is very important as school need to know they can contact parents in an emergency. School may not have the staff to isolate any child who displays any symptoms while in school; therefore you will be expected to collect your child immediately.

It is our aim to open school to Critical Worker children on Wednesday 6th January. All the details will be emailed to the parents of the children that have received a Critical Worker place.

Thank you for your support.

Mr Smith

January 4th 2021

Please see below for the Critical Worker form: