We have received a message from Santa to pass onto all children and families of St Alban’s RC Primary School:

Dear children of St Alban’s,

It has come to my attention that children around the world, especially in Newcastle, are being told by older siblings, friends and even adults that Christmas is not coming this year or Christmas has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus. This is simply not true!

I have been practicing social distancing with Mrs Claus and the elves, just as you have been at home and school, we’ve now installed hand sanitising stations in all areas of the toy workshops. I can hear the elves singing ‘Happy Birthday’ numerous times a day as they’re washing their hands. Whenever we’re unable to reach a tissue we sneeze into our elbows, just like you at home. We’d like to reassure you all that everyone here is ok, just like the Easter bunny and Tooth Fairy.

All toys and presents have been sanitised and the elves have started to prepare my sleigh ready for delivery.

Do not worry boys and girls, when I travel I will not be spreading the virus and neither will my reindeers.

Everyone at the North Pole looks forward to visiting and watching everyone celebrate Christmas together very soon, but remember you must continue your hard work and good behaviour both at school and home!

We hope that all children and families are safe and well and we’d like to wish you all a very happy Christmas.

With love from,

Santa Claus