Wildlife Watch 

Here, you’ll find a long list of activity sheets that are free to download.

The activities vary in difficulty and not all of them require you to have a garden. They include colouring in, guides to build and create things such as an insect hotel for bees, growing butterfly gardens, making a bird feeder and so much more!

To access the resources, please see the link below:


The Woodland Trust’s Tree ID 

The Woodland Trust have produced some printable ID guides to help children learn about trees. Use them to identify leaves, twigs, blossom and fruits throughout the year.

‘Tree ID’ can be a real sensory experience. Encourage children to explore trees with their hands, nose and ears – they’ll learn so much more. What do acorns and conkers feel like? What does bark smell like? Can they hear leaves rustling in the breeze?

To access the resources, please see the link below: