Friday 12th June 2020

Dear Year 6 Parents and Carers,

This week we welcome back a number of Year 6 children.  Despite them being a little apprehensive on arrival, they quickly settled down into their new groups or ‘bubbles’ as they are now called. We initially planned, as per government guidelines, for the return of all 29 Year 6 children working in two bubbles, however some parents have decided not to send their children back to school at this point. This is a personal decision that the school is happy with.

Moving forward, I need to maximise the use of the staff and in future I may need to reduce the two Year 6 bubbles to one, if the total number of Year 6 children is below 15. Therefore, in order to do this, I need to introduce a system, where when parents decide they want to send their children back to school, they must inform school by lunchtime on the Friday of the week before their return. This means children will only begin on a Monday to avoid joining bubbles mid-week and children joining a Year 6 bubble will expected to be in school every day.

Below are two photographs of the Y6 bubbles: